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It takes the hands of many individuals to make a real difference and help grow the New Zealand Tiny House Community. Joining one of our volunteer working groups is a wonderful way to actively get involved. It is also a great way for members to assist the association’s work and needs. Working groups typically meet monthly via video chat or group chat, depending upon board or agency initiatives,activities or events. Consider joining one of the following working groups:

Voluntary Standards Working Group 

This group will be focusing on setting voluntary building and safety standards for Tiny Houses and Tiny Houses on Wheels. 

Lobby Government Working Group 

This group will be focusing on a clear path the Association needs to take to lobby government, and steps we need to take in the short, medium, and long term to achieve this. 

Resources Working Group

This group will be focusing on resources the Association can publish to assist individuals who are currently applying for resource consent with councils, and also updating the member resources area with useful and up-to-date information for members.

Working Group Application Form
*Open to Association members only.
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