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Our Team

NZTHA’s team are volunteers dedicated to fostering innovation, promoting the growth of tiny houses in New Zealand, and to empower our members with information and resources they need to assist them while they are working with councils to apply for consent to live legally in tiny houses.  

Management Committee

Founding Members

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Dennis Nieuwkoop

Chairperson/President -Resigned 7/7/2020 

Dennis has a strong interest in the tiny house industry from a landowner’s perspective in particular developing small tiny house villages on rural lifestyle blocks. He is the MC of the New Zealand Tiny House & Alternative Living Conference. Dennis also has a long history in the agricultural industry and is passionate about applying natural organic principals to the commercial agricultural industry.

Founding Members

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Sharla May 


Sharla is the founder of The NZ Tiny House & Alternative Living Conference. She has previously worked in advertising, marketing, accounting and event management roles before joining the tiny house movement. Sharla has extensive residential renovation experience and has built a tiny houses on wheels, and recently a housebus.

Founding Members

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Nathan Orr


Nathan is the founder of, a DIY tiny house builder, has a Master’s degree in Sustainability, and experience in business start-up and governance. He has worked previously in marketing, sales, events management, change management, and partnership development. Nathan has spent years researching the regulatory framework that surrounds tiny homes (THOWs) both on the road and on land, and the needs and wants of those looking to go tiny. With a passion for changing the way we design, arrange, and navigate our built world, Nathan would like to see a housing and community environment that underpins the wellbeing of all New Zealanders.

Founding Members

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Kyron Gosse

Officer - And current acting Chairperson

Kyron has a substantial background in real estate and property investing and has taken an interest to how emerging trends and technology are influencing the property industry. Kyron lives in his own tiny house and is keen on developing the movement to make going tiny more accessible for others.

Founding Members

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Beryl Oldham


Beryl Oldham has long been interested in property, small space design and loves the whole tiny house concept. Currently the landlord for two tiny houses, one in her Auckland backyard, and another on her Otaki Beach section where she also plans to add her own. Beryl is currently the Board Chair of the NZ Business Excellence Foundation and has served on Board of the NZ Association for Training and Development, of which she is also a past president. She is the managing director of Complete Learning Solutions, and has many government and corporate clients.

Founding Members


Eden Hersey

Administration & Membership Coordinator

Eden was self-introduced to the Tiny Home movement purely by chance and quickly discovered her personal philosophies and the empowering philosophies of tiny house living were well aligned. Eden has previously filled roles in public relations, event management and was an owner/director of small business for six years.  More recently, as a qualified adult educator, Eden has mentored and  supported community programme initiatives.  Currently in the final stages of an Education and Leadership degree, Eden is looking forward to supporting the New Zealand Tiny Home Association and its members with the goal of raising awareness and acceptance of tiny house living as an authentic, affordable and environmentally considerate method of sustainable living.

Founding Members

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Hamish Fraser

Founding Member

Hamish Fraser has spent to much time reading district plans, writing code and living in small spaces with his family. He also has experience serving as a councillor on a District Council and is currently working on matters related to comprehending and improving legislation, both at central government and local government levels. He generally keeps quiet about his dislike of suburbia and the state of housing design generally but enjoys the opportunities Tiny Houses create in disrupting the status quo.

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Gina Stevens

Founding Member

Gina Stevens is a Director and Designer for Build Tiny Ltd - she's extremely passionate about small space design, and is the creative force behind Build Tiny's many innovate custom tiny house designs. She comes from a background of graphic design and interior architecture, small business banking, and grass roots entrepreneurship. Gina has been closely observing the North American Tiny House movement and seen the value of bringing together the diverse voices of the tiny house community, with experts in policy and legislation to drive the movement forward. 


Rebecca Bartlett

Founding Member

Rebecca was first interested in building Tiny Homes when a pending maternity leave period meant they needed to look at alternative solutions during a time of reduced income. Previous experience in kitchen design, shopfitting and joinery, new home builds and commercial office fit-outs formed a great foundation, and since 2016 Rebecca has been designing and building Tiny Houses for the clients of Tiny House Builders Ltd.


Hannah van Haren-Giles

Founding Member

Hannah is a resource management planner with a passion for tiny houses. Hannah has a strong research background and understanding of the regulatory provisions which act to enable and/or constrain tiny house development, having recently written her honours year thesis on the benefits and barriers to tiny houses in New Zealand. She is passionate about seeing the perception and legality of tiny houses change and seeing the tiny house movement and community grow.

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Emma Prouse

Founding Member

Emma self-built her tiny house on wheels with the desire for financial independence. In the process discovered she really enjoyed building things. She is now happy applying skills with a hammer and a paint brush on larger renovation projects. Emma is an IT professional; she is an experienced project manager who previously worked in central government. She is interested is growing the community and furthering the tiny house movement. Emma presented at the NZ Tiny House & Alternative living Wellington based conference in 2017 and 2018.

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Fiona Christie

Founding Member

Fiona’s passion for tiny house living began with her desire to ditch the mortgage and everything associated with it and opt for a simpler minimalist life. She’s interested in tiny house communities, sustainability, organic food production and leaving a smaller footprint.  She is an advisor within central government identifying and closing gaps in capability which aligns with her passion  for coaching and identifying the place of most potential. Fiona and partner David who is a joiner now build tiny houses in the form of single level shepherd’s huts on their 7 acre lifestyle block in Carterton.

Shaye Boddington.jpg

Shaye Boddington

Founding Member

Shaye is a self confessed tiny house nerd and designer. Over the past 6 years, along with her team, She’s designed and built many tiny houses for her clients. She’s that person who’s always happy to chat away over a cup of tea for hours on end about anything tiny house related. Shaye is driven by the desire to create beautiful spaces to live in, but also to help people create lives which are full of purpose and freedom. Shaye has enjoyed many years of tiny house living and is currently designing and building her second tiny home for herself and her daughter Hazel.


Keri Craike

Founding Member

Keri is a tenacious go-getter with interest in investing in Tiny Home Village life.  Experience with influencing Governmental Depts, such as NZTA, for specification changes to roading infrastructure, she is absolutely passionate in making change happen for the betterment of the community  and creating her own dream Tiny Home.

Ian Stevens.jpg

Ian Stevens

Founding Member

Ian Stevens comes from a background in the New Zealand Kiwifruit Industry, where he ran his business Agfirst Bay of Plenty Ltd for more than 20 years. After retiring in 2017, Ian was 'redeployed' and now acts as a director for Build Tiny Ltd - one of the first commercial tiny house building companies in New Zealand. Ian's an innovator at heart, and when he's not inventing counterweighted retractable tiny house beds, he's plying his mind to the many applications where tiny homes could help to address the NZ housing crisis - particularly in providing safe, warm accommodation for seasonal horticultural workers - an ongoing problem that Ian is all too familiar with.

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Lisa Jensen

Founding Member

Lisa decided to go tiny in 2018 to get away from the rat-race in Auckland and to have more time to enjoy life. Since then, she spent 18 months living in a campervan exploring New Zealand. Having recently lost her van due to a major rust issue, she’s now on the hunt for a new tiny house on wheels, knowing for certain that she wants to continue the tiny and minimalistic lifestyle. Lisa is a marketing freelancer and writer and is looking forward to applying her skills to help progress the tiny house movement in New Zealand. 

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