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Our Team

NZTHA’s team are volunteers dedicated to fostering innovation, promoting the growth of tiny houses in New Zealand, and to empower our members with information and resources they need to assist them while they are working with councils to apply for consent to live legally in tiny houses.  

Management Committee

Founding Members


Rebecca McLean


Rebecca is passionate to help drive the Association movement forward with legislation change for Tiny homes in New Zealand and is actively meeting and educating Council around current Tiny challenges that Kiwis are facing. Her goal is to streamline Regional Council's messaging for the broader New Zealand. 

Founding Members


Cassie Wright 


Cassie’s curiosity for minimalism and life-mantra of “there’s got to be a different way” pulled her into the world of tiny houses and alternative living solutions; and more recently, returning to study an Interior Design and Decorating diploma, in order to “learn the rules to then break them”. 

Along with creating her own tiny house (likely on wheels first, and on foundations eventually), Cassie is keen to help the movement and community grow in NZ; and allow people to explore creative, sustainable, and fulfilling ways of living for themselves and their loved ones.

Founding Members

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Beryl Oldham


Beryl Oldham has long been interested in property, small space design and loves the whole tiny house concept. Currently the landlord for two tiny houses, one in her Auckland backyard, and another on her Otaki Beach section where she also plans to add her own. Beryl is currently the Board Chair of the NZ Business Excellence Foundation and has served on Board of the NZ Association for Training and Development, of which she is also a past president. She is the managing director of Complete Learning Solutions, and has many government and corporate clients.