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About Us

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

  •  To gather and provide information to members regarding the building of, and dwelling in, tiny houses.

  • To promote a healthy social and political environment conducive to tiny house building and dwelling.

  • To educate members regarding tiny house quality & safety.

  • To network and cooperate with related government agencies, educational institutions, development organizations, and private industry to address these stated purposes.

  • Promote the benefits of Tiny Housing’s financial, affordability incentives, environmental and compact urban and rural form advantages.

  • Monitor central, regional and local government legislation and make representations thereon where considered necessary.

  • Foster good fellowship and enjoyment of The Tiny House lifestyle amongst members.

  • Promote New Zealand based tiny house related events.

  • Publish newsletters, reports and other documents for the benefit of members.

  • Obtain better terms in matters relating to TH ownership and operation including road charges and taxes, license fees, insurance, registration and purchase discounts.



Discussions at the NZ Tiny House & Alternative Living Conference in Carterton & Auckland highlighted the need for a national orginasation to be established to assist the NZ Tiny House movement. The current planning and building regulatory
environment for Tiny Houses in New Zealand is highly uncertain and varies significantly across different regions. This creates confusion for the market, consumers and regulators, and leads to ad hoc outcomes and frustrations for both the tiny house industry and owners as well as the wider New Zealand community. The New Zealand Tiny House Association has been formed to assist planners, policy makers and the wider community to better understand the emerging Tiny House movement within New Zealand and explore the movements potential to contribute to greater choice in housing supply and diversity



Executive Committee

  • Chair: Rebecca McLean

  • Secretary: Cassie Wright 

  • Treasurer: Beryl Oldham

Member Code of Conduct

  • NZTHA members are representing the association when using the name or logo and therefore should ensure they are familiar with the purpose of the association and their activities should support one or more of the purposes of the Association.

  • Use of the NZTHA logo and referencing will only be used on agreement by the committee.

  • NZTHA members should at all times adhere to professional conduct when dealing with clients, other members and the public.

  • NZTHA members should follow safe building and business practices.

  • Members are expected to proactively raise where their own business or personal interests raise a conflict of interests with the activities of NZTHA.

  • Opportunities for activities, sponsorships and marketing supported or entered into by the association will be open to all commercial and not-for-profit advertising memberships.

What is a Tiny House/THOW?

There is no formal Tiny House definition; however the concept ‘tiny’ usually refers to dwellings that are 400 square feet (37.16 m2) or less. (1)


A Tiny House is a structure that:

· Has the character and functionality of a permanent house;

· Is fixed to the land; and 

· Has a similar scale to a large caravan or recreational vehicle (RV).

In comparison, a Tiny House on Wheels (THOW):

· Has the character and functionality of a permanent house;

· Is built on a trailer;

· Is not fixed to the land (mobile unit); and

· Is often compared to a large caravan or RV.

Executive Committee
Guiding Principles for Members
What is a tiny house
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