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Hi Gang,

I live on the beautiful shores of Lake Rotorua. And am currently educating myself, connecting and conversing my way into creating an Off Grid Small House Village here in Rotorua. I am in the incubator stage, however am determined. I have utilised the lockdown breather to connect with other Cohousing groups and allies and was overjoyed to read Janet Thombes article in our latest newsletter to see how she covered all of the issues that scatter across our collective paths. While its a sign of the times that they are there, it's also a sign of the times that we in our growing numbers are here too!


* Rotorua Rural or RD4 area

*Off Grid, with possibility for a Micro Power Grid - desgined by Vic Uni Sustainable Energy Dept who are keen to gather data and geek out with their tech. Off Grid also incl rain water collection and a grey and black water treatment system and sotrm water swales designed by Waste Water Engineer Stuart Bilby to suit the site and house numbers - and our lake sensitive area.

* Currently weighing up; Company formed by members buys land and leases to residents, on the suggestion from Chris Bennett of Mygbh, who said that Council can approve a 35 year lease for houses to occupy land OR

Members (8- 10) of the Village buy land freehold of equal shares with right to occupy and we set aside 2 - 4 lots as rentals for income for the village, meeting potential new long term residence and helping out fellow TH owners. Take alot of coordination and commitment from cash backed members. I will be selling my home to do this and build a new home.

*Houses to be built to Code of Compliance or have Building Permit, as we will need to have resource consent and probably a building permit to fix? as we will probably have black and grey water treatment to be permitting as well. Max footprint 3.1 x 12.5, to help design our lots and ring road for houses to come and go over the years. Houses are to be self funded, with Off Grid set up.

*People - looking for mature, confident comunicators with a degree of self understanding and responsibility to enjoy village life - the Off Grid component ensures a level of commitment to the environment. Currently most keen to meet people who see the path is uncharted and who are prepared to build relationships to pave the way as we find our way forward. I am currently preparing for my second round with Council.

My cell is 0210 6464 21


Lisa Houghton

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